Colleague: "The cleaning people didn't pick up the boxes I left for the trash yesteday."

Me: "Perhaps that's because they didn't know it was supposed to be trash."

Colleague: "But I left a note on the pile saying it was trash; I even wrote it in Spanish."

Me: "No, you left a note on the pile that says, 'basbra'. The Spanish word for trash is 'basura'. So that'd be my guess as to why they didn't take it."

Colleague: "Oh... well what's 'basbra' mean then?"

Me: "In Spanish, nothing. If it were me, I'd think it was someone's last name or something to that effect... you know like 'these are Jim Basbra's boxes, don't take them.' ...and they didn't."

Colleague: "Wait, isn't that the name of the elephant in the kids' books?"

Me: "That was Babar."

Colleague: "Oh. I guess they wouldn't have picked up the boxes if I'd written Babar on them either."

Me: "Probably not."