Almost as soon as I posted the last made up words entry, people reminded me of a whole plethora of other words, which we accept as real and use in our regular vocabulary. Here are some of them:

pales - (pāls) - n.
1. sweatpants - "It's cold in here; I think I'll put on my pales."
Alternate usages:

pink pales = pink sweatpants
heart pales = pink sweatpants with hearts on them
Show her a pair of jeans and ask what they are: "Pants"
Show her a pair of shorts and ask what they are: "Pants"
Show her a pair of pajama bottoms and ask what they are: "Pants"
Show her a pair of sweatpants and ask what they are: "Pales"

alyssera - (all-is-er-ra) - n.

1. a collection of carefully arranged items, for example, give The Dormouse a handful of change and she will place each penny on the table separately and then scoot them all together until they are touching and formed into some random sort of malignant cell formation, then she will exclaim, "Look momma, I made a beautiful alyssera!" "Of course you did dear."

roum - (rom) - v.

1. to turn the crank on something: "Hey Daddy, can I roum it for you?"

chock - (chok) - v.

1. to break up food
2. to stir eggs with a wire wisk: "...and now I need a wisk, so I can chock it up."

parmilial - (pər-mĭl'yəl) - adj.
1. apparently a combination of the words "familiar" and "familial"
2. something we have seen before and have done together
Are we going to our parmilial church today, Momma, or a drifferent church?

There are also phrases:

"In class, we said to Milio, "Bad, bad, hamburger, Milio!"
"Why were you calling Milio a hamburger?"
"Because he's tasty."

This one acutally disturbs me quite a bit.