This one turned eight this week.

We planned her baptism.

And then asked her what kind of party she'd like to have afterward. She said she wanted a pirate party.  I love this kid and her patience for our weird obsessions.

Bob the Pirate showed up with his new pets to welcome all our party guests.

Party goer: "Where do you live?"
Me: "Here's the street.  You'll know the house because there's a pirate skeleton in the yard."
Party goer: "Wow, that was a really good idea put a skeleton in the yard to help people find your house for the party."
Me: "Yeah... for the paaarrrty... sure... that's why he's there."

She wore her pirate princess costume, devised at a thrift store for our recent trip to the Renaissance Faire.

I made yet another pirate cake (I am seriously starting to run out of ideas for this theme).

And she was dutifully impressed.

Every pirate princess deserves a pirate pinata.

And she managed to show everyone what the emotion enthusiasm looks like when she realized she'd gotten a hamster for her birthday.

I have few words with which to wrap this all up, except to say that this one has been a constant source of entertainment for these eight years.  I cannot wait to see what the next eight bring.