Caterpillar: "Momma, what happens when you pamper a cow?"

Me: "I don't know.  What happens when you pamper a cow?"

"She gives spoiled milk."

"Ha! Did someone tell you that joke?"

"Yes.  But now I wanna tell you some jokes that I made up."


"What goes up a hill and then eats the hill?"

"I don't know."

"A goat.  They eat everything."


"What flies in the air and always falls into the sea?"

"I don't know, what?"

 "That guy? Whose father was a genius? And he made wings? And he made them out of wax? And then the guy tried to fly up to heaven and it worked and he flew and then he got really near the sun and the wax in the wings melted and he started to fall and he fell into the sea, whatwasthatguy'snameagain?"


"Yeah, Icarus."


"What tells a person to jump off a cliff?"

"I don't know, what?"