Time to clean off the photos on my phone.  

But before I do that, a joke:  Why did the turtle cross the road?

Probably in some sort of dangerous hazing stunt wherein if he caused a white Subaru to run off the road and into a ditch while trying to avoid flattening a turtle, he would get into the turtle gang.

On the list of Reasons I Could Not Cook Dinner, I bet you'd never expect to see "Kitchen blocked by blanket fort."

Now to think up an excuse for the other three hundred and sixty-four days more. 

How do you make a log more convenient to carry home and put in your fireplace?

Or maybe it's a toy, who knows?

I desperately want this t-shirt.

Just too cheap to lay down $20.

When someone tries unsuccessfully to unlock my phone, it takes a picture and emails me a "possible theft alert."  Everyone be on the lookout for a serial phone stealer, because I've received this picture half a dozen times in the past month.

This summer, I got to watch this man improvise a piece for symphony orchestra on stage, then I got to hug him afterward. 

 Sometimes I really dig my job.

What's for lunch?

I don't know, but it's being prepared by an extremely creative sushi chef.