Every once in awhile I get nervous that I'm going to randomly lose all the photos on my phone and I transfer them, one by one to a computer... so I can lose them there.  It takes several hours sometimes.  I've taken a lot of photos over the past several months and let me tell you, if I hadn't kept these photos, oh the holes that there would be in my life.  There would be whole... seconds of my existence that I would have forgotten.

I rented a car to go to a conference a couple of months ago and this is what I ended up with.  Then Monica and I insisted on driving it with the top down all weekend even though it rained the entire time.  So if you saw two crazy ladies speeding down the highway in a convertible trying to avoid raindrops... yeah that was us.  And we were having a great time.
I've also decided on the one requirement in my next vehicle: side view mirrors that shine a little horsey on the ground when you open the door.
If you ever need to keep your kids busy while you're making Thanksgiving dinner, I highly recommend giving them the task of making butter.  Additional plus when they're done: OHMYGOSHHOMEMADEBUTTER!
A few weeks before Christmas, we were in a pet store looking at the animals and this Chameleon followed my finger all around his cage for like... minutes, which I assume is a long time for a chameleon.  The kids were amazed. This is my Christmas present homage to that experience.
My Christmas morning view of the sunrise could have also made for a nice Delta Airlines advertisement. Good thing because my Christmas day was no Norman Rockwell painting.
We took a friend of The KoH's to see these lights this year and while we were there, I got separated from them.  Then I ran into a missionary I know and started talking to her.  She asked what brought me there and I said, "Oh he's got some friends who wanted to see the lights; they're around here somewhere."  Then when she finally ran into The KoH, she came up to him and said, "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FRIEND!"  Like it's the first one he's had in his life.
This guy came to stay with us sometime around September.  I'm embarrassed to say how recently I put him away.  Or the place of honor in my living room that he occupied.
KoH: "Someone should tell them how that looks. 
Me: "Oh, I think someone knows exactly how that looks."
While we were in a Children's Museum in Salt Lake, we got to play around with green screen technology.  The Dormouse's shirt was contra-indicative.
She was good enough to have been in the Anchorman sequel...
if I allowed her to watch that movie.
She did her own hair.  Can you tell?
Last month I was in a pub with some colleagues after a conference and the bartender drew pictures in the heads of their beers.  This Johnny Rockets waitress brought the same experience for the under-10 crowd, this time, in ketchup... and G-rated.
If there's ever a real Zombie Apocolypse as The KoH fears, we'll be protected by our laser cats.
The stack on the left is actual mail that needed to be delivered to me. The stack on the right is my junk mail intake even after having signed up for every anti-junk mail program that I could ever find online a year ago.  This will all go directly into the trash can without being even opened.  If you want to know where to start making a difference to create a greener society, I've got a good suggestion.
Welcome to the BWI shuttle bus. Not responsible for forgotten items like hats, scarves... or children.
I asked The KoH to find me some money for the parking meter and this is all he could fish out of his pockets.  It's like living inside an episode of The Little Rascals.
Polar Vortex at work: Reverse Vampire Kittiez seek out sunbeams for sustenance.
I heard some music therapist crashed the AAS conference in D.C. this month in order to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson speak.  His topic was based on the idea that there is a grass roots rising in science and love of science is up and coming in the cultural zeitgeist.  I'd like to think that had he known there was a random non-astronomer in the audience, her very presence would have proved his point, but she probably didn't speak up because she was afraid of getting kicked out... would be my guess.
This is the view I have of The Dormouse over the table in every restaurant I've eaten at in the past year.
I just figured out my phone does this.  We're in an A-ha video!