The other day The Dormouse was talking about a homework assignment she had to finish and how she had to write her name, "but not just our name, we have to make it interesting.  Like we can write our name and what we want to be called, or any nicknames we have and where they came from. Or we can write an alias."  Only she pronounced alias as "a-LIE-es."  And that's when I realized her reading skills are at the point where there are words she can read and knows what they mean, but words that she's never actually heard pronounced; only seen in print.  So she's only guessing at how to pronounce them by employing what she knows from pronouncing other words, which may or may not apply in this case.  Because my brain immediately processed what she said and then thought, well that's exactly how I would have pronounced the word if I'd read it but never heard anyone say it. 

Then the same day I had a conversation with someone at work and in the process of waxing poetic about whatever point I was trying to make,  I said the word "eschewand my coworker stopped me and said, "Wait, is THAT how you say that word?  I've never actually heard anyone say it before. I've only seen it written."  And that's when I realized it doesn't really stop when you're ten either.

Yesterday I was in the bathroom and I heard The Caterpillar singing a song to The KingofHearts that she learned in school.  She got to the end and I heard The KoH say, "That's a great song, but do you really dance..."

*I came running out of the bathroom while yelling and shaking my finger at him*





KoH: "Huh? Why?"

So I could get video of this. 

Because THIS? THIS is my favorite thing that happened all year.