The Shortlings have been enjoying watching episodes of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour lately, which, if you aren't aware, is like The Twilight Zone for kids.  (Although by today's standards, the original The Twilight Zone really is more for kids.  I don't care though, I'll still waste an entire Labor Day watching The Twilight Zone marathon wherever they play it and squeal with delight when The Eye of the Beholder comes on.)  The Dormouse, especially, is and always has been our Goth Girl who enjoys all things creepy and eerie... a girl after my own heart.  Under other circumstances, I'd probably say The Caterpillar is too young for some of the R.L Stine episodes, but she wants so badly to be like her big sister and do what she does.  So she curls up into a tiny ball under my arm during the more suspenseful parts and announces, "I'm shchared," but looks at the TV screen through fingers spread over her face.  Fortunately, she always seems to get that it's just a show though and allowing her to watch hasn't backfired on us... yet.  It probably has something to do with her viewing companion.