Years ago, when Monica and I worked together, we were having a particularly bad week one day and decided that together we would march into our boss's office and demand either:

a) a raise in salary for our troubles 


b) a trained monkey to go and fetch our documents out of the office printer so we wouldn't have to leave our chairs

We would have taken either, but secretly preferred option b.

OK, maybe not so secretly. 

I'm happy to report that The KingofHearts and I have convinced The Shortlings that it's their job to run down the stairs to get our print jobs out of the printer, then bring them back up to us.  

What's more, they respond to this task when we yell, "PRINTER MONKEY, HO!" and fight over who gets to have the privilege of going. 

Sometimes you get what you want in life... it just takes awhile for it all to come around.  That's what they call Karma, I think.