There comes a time in everyone’s life 
when you can’t take a breath without knowing you don’t deserve the air you breathe,
when you feel you are at the lowest you can be,
when you’ve hit rock bottom.

But if you think, for one second, 
that life isn’t worth living,
or the universe won’t miss one tiny speck of space dust on a polluted planet,
then you’re wrong.

You can do so much and no matter what you think, 
someone, somewhere loves you and will mourn when you’re gone.
This world that is filled with mistakes is just a small fraction of everything
and our knowledge of it is always growing.

In this big… or small… world, 
there is no need to hang onto all the mistakes.
Don’t be a loose thread, just waiting to be torn off,
never even wanting to experience the beauty of life.

Some may shed tears because the sky is falling down,
but I’d rather dance and be wet with the wondrous drops of sunshine.
After all, the universe wouldn’t be what it is 
without every single speck of space dust in it.

- The Caterpillar, March 2019