I'm not doing so so hot with the keeping up on the blog thingy this year.  It seems every time I get ready to jump back into the regular, some tragedy happens and then I fall off the wagon again.  But that doesn't mean I haven't been documenting my children's lives. Just on my phone where no one can see it.  With might be better in their eyes.  Today is Fathers' Day.  I'm sitting on our deck outside listening to the birds sing.  Watched a fox and a deer with her two babies run by, and everyone else is in the house asleep and in the fridge there's a Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna waiting for him for breakfast. It's the best Fathers' Day present I know to give.  

In the meantime, I'm clearing stuff off my phone and realized this younger kid he is helping me raise has gotten pretty funny. Here's a minutiae dedicated to her.

"If I had to write about my dad, I'd probably write... he is fun to be with, he is embarrassing to my older sister, he takes the cake (mostly literally), and he's the best dad in the world."

Just got accused of suppressing financial information. 8 year old would like to SEE her savings account statements from now on so she knows that nothing sketchy is happening with her $12.

Parenting protip: Sometimes I buy my kids dumb stuff they want just for a reprieve... so for the next six months, every time they ask me for so much as a stick of gum in a checkout line, I can yell, "FAUX ANIMAL FUR HOODIE VEST!!", and they shut up about the new thing they're about to beg for.

"She always does that when she gets mad. She flattens her nose."
"You mean, she 'flares her nostrils?'"
"Yeah. It looks like her nose is a tiny devil, spreading its wings."

Found this after I turned my back on her for five minutes in a toy store. I'd say the Need To Create Order Where There Is None Thing has gotten out of control, but this isn't even the worst I've seen this week.

First conversation with small child after coming home from an out of town trip fielded this thinker: "I really don't think it's fair that cats don't have a birth certificate."

Ah, crazy right off the bat. It's good to be home.

"Who's that on the wall?"
"Billy Joel!"
"Go away, you don't belong in this family."

I showed my kids the Chicken Dance.  I have perhaps created a monster.

"Where's my electrical tape?  It keeps disappearing?  What is everyone using it for?"

Certainly not to make a kilt to wear to school on St. Patrick's Day.  Who would do that?

I just stuck this one in here because it was sweet. This is the only person he will sit like this without having to stand up, walk around on your face and rub his head on your lips, getting cat hair in your mouth. This cat loves her like no one else.

It's good to know that if my daughter ever ends up living on the streets, she at least won't go shirtless... as long as there are plastic bags in the world.

Me: The cold killed all my basil plants last night.
Caterpillar: I'm sorry for your loss.

Dancing to music on the deck in the rain. I wish I was 8 sometimes.

We sat through five different performing groups at The Dormouse's Spring Concert.  Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

Required education for Shortlings this weekend was a screening of West Side Story. While The Dormouse's main problem with the movie was incredulity that anyone could fall in love with someone and decide to run off with them after knowing them only two days. The Caterpillar thought the whole thing was particularly ridiculous because you can't really kill someone with a three inch long pocket knife. I'm kinda glad she's on my side, actually.

By the way, both decided West Side Story was "way worse than Romeo and Juliet because at least Shakespeare didn't force Juliet to live at the end of it all." Perhaps my realism genes have run a bit deep here.

This is exclusively her part every time we take a road trip.

Asked her to put a pile of underwear away after it came out of the dryer. She took them, disappeared, then came back, somersaulted through the kitchen while singing the theme from Mission: Impossible and yelled, "Mission complete!"

Caught Caterpillar outside today kissing a toad. KoH's response, "That's the wrong kind of amphibian, you know.  You have to kiss a frog to get a handsome prince."

"I know, I just love him."

Incomprehensible question of the day: "Mom, do camels use bad manners?" 

Apparently, we're still in bed this morning.

"It's time to leave for school, are you ready?"
"Almost. Let me just get my underwear on."
"Aren't you already dressed?"

We've been battling mice in the attic lately, so when I found the cats pawing at something under the closet door, I assumed one of the mice leaders had finally gotten the courage to venture into the house and was cornered in the closet. I was half right.

Went looking for pins in The Caterpillar's room and found this. What the heck, you little maniac?