We're on day number five, six, eight, I've totally forgotten, of No School due to "someone saw a snowflake" this year.  

I thought we were doing okay until after like the seventh day in a row of kids home from school, I heard screaming from the bathroom and turned the corner to find two children fighting over a spatula.  And not just fighting, knock-down, drag-out, one of them dragging the other one across the floor by the spatula they were both clutching and screaming about. 

I broke up the fight like Morgan Freeman in Lean On Me.  Grabbed the spatula away from both of them and exclaimed, "Now WHAT is so important about this spatula that you two have to act like animals about it?"

They both stared, wide-eyed and then just said small-ly, "Well... I wanted it."

I can barely form a coherent sentence right now, but I have discovered a really cool app based on Deep Dream that I've spent a lot of time playing with this month. 

It turns this:

Into this:

And this:

Into this:

If anyone wants me, I'll be in the bathroom with the iPad.