Here we are raising up our heads from the frozen tundra. Washington D.C. got a good 30 inches of snow this weekend and the world stopped for awhile here. Fortunately, we never lost power, which is my main worry in a storm like this, not because we would freeze, but because I don't want the pipes to freeze.  

And so we learn that Pipes>Children.  

We did end up snowed in for about three solid days and I set a new, personal record for consecutive number of days wearing my pajamas. I even managed to shovel snow, make several trips to the wood pile for firewood, AND host the neighbors for dinner without ever putting on proper clothes or a bra.

Woo hoo!

Here are a couple of photos from Winter Storm Jonas, or #Snowzilla, as we have all come to refer to it.

This is state highway 295 or the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, one of the major commuter routes from Baltimore to DC.  I have never seen that much nothing in twenty years of living here. Taken by a friend who lives within walking distance.  I wasn't crazy enough to drive there.

Our deck, looking out the window. It was like living inside a snow globe during the storm.

Found The Caterpillar playing under this and poking at it with a broom handle the next morning.  We had a long talk about icicles and snow overhangs after that.

Yesterday, we finally got around to shoveling out the driveway, which I am now regretting the length of. When we finally broke through to the end of the drive, I threw my arms up in the air and yelled, "Freeeeeedooooom!" al la Braveheart, only to realize that neither the hill we live on, nor any street in the entire neighborhood had been plowed so I couldn't go anywhere anyway. In possibly related news, my neighbors are now certain I am insane.

The Shortlings amused themselves by working up a gymnastics routine and performing it for us.  Who knew they were interested in gymnastics? No one, that's who!

But the best thing by far that happened all weekend, was this news report I happened to see.  I wasn't sure what I thought I'd heard, so I ran live TV back a few minutes to be certain.  Then I hit record as fast as my thumb could find the button because this needs to be saved for posterity, obviously.  


The story on the interweb goes that the guy just called the television station, identified himself as a spokesperson for VDOT, and the very, very professional journalists with their superior fact-checking abilities earned in college, said to themselves, "Eh, seems legit."  And thus, our prank caller was able to make his way to on air.
I'm constantly grateful for the modern conveniences we enjoy. I know our three days of snow pales in comparison to what some people deal with every year.  And two or three generations ago, they did it without electricity, heat, running water, a car in every garage, or reasonably close city centers. Because a portion of what I do involves some disaster response efforts, I tend to be more prepared than most for a few days of weather or power outages... but I'm fully aware that I'm not as prepared as some. We are typically stocked with food and water for several days (and probably more if we have the ability to cook from base ingredients we have in food storage)We are generally prepared for the power to go out (because it happens so often here).  We have flashlights, batteries, candles and oil lamps, an emergency supply. Now with a couple of fireplaces, we have added firewood to that list and The KingofHearts spent most of the Spring chopping wood to store after we have a few scary trees removed (also a huge load off, knowing this storm was coming and we'd already had that done).  We've got enough for most of the winter for typical use.  Without an operating furnace, we probably could have kept the house warm enough with both fireplaces running, had we lost power, and we probably wouldn't have had to abandon our home for a neighbor or hotel, but it was sure nice not to have to use those contingency plans.  

Today, we've finally seen a snowplow on the street, the sun has come out and I am ready to leave the house again.  Just waiting to find out whether the schools agree with me for tomorrow. (Oh please, oh please, oh please.)

This morning, the sun rose over the snowy neighborhood roofs. It was quite beautiful.