I did manage to get it together to create and order Christmas cards in plenty of time to mail this year and have them arrive in people's mailboxes before Christmas... but only just.  Then the printer was apparently surprised by the fact that this is a big time of year for holiday cards and there was a delay in delivering them to me.  I got them out of the mailbox and within about twenty minutes put them right back in, which might be the shortest turn around time ever.  So some people might have received this card, some maybe not just yet, I don't know.  It seems about par for all my cunning plans this year, so I'm going to just lean into the skid.

Our new next door neighbors came over this year to tell me this was funniest Christmas card they've ever seen, to which, I replied, "Oh honey, this isn't even my best work."

We had a few other ideas for this year's card, but they were all fairly labor intensive and we pretty much ran out of time for accomplishing them.  I'm going to keep them to myself, because I reserve the right to recycle this idea for next year, when we have a ton of extra time on our hands. 

Oh, who am I kidding?  That is never gonna happen.

These aren't great quality because I had to scan the actual card for the blog here.  I took the shortcut and used a format that was already available on the make-your-own -card website instead of, you know, making my own card, and uploading that to the website like I usually do.  Probably won't do that again because of this reason right here. I wasn't particularly happy with the card stock this year and the scans are terrible.  So I'll post the actual picture too, but my eyes are pretty bad right now and there are a dozen or more pictures of us mugging, so I'm just going to upload the most likely candidates.  Plus a few rejected ones.

And then there is this weird one, which, I personally don't think is our family at all.