The Shortlings have been home from school more than they have been at school since January.  I just decreased their summer camp registration by one week because they are already having to make up days at the end of the year.  They are going crazy and I am going to need a new employee orientation if I ever go back to work again on a regular basis.  I keep saying I don't really mind them being home with me and I don't.  They are mostly great kids who these days only occasionally bicker too much and last week I only had to tell them three times that playing soccer in the house wasn't an acceptable snow day activity.  The problem is there is no semblance of a schedule and this messes with their heads.  They revert to acting like the Wild Boy of Aveyron without any memory of acceptable house behavior or common sense.

Of course last week I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time trying to scrub a stain off the bathroom counter before realizing it was a shadow.

So maybe it's not just their heads.

When I left work on Wednesday we were expecting this big snow storm on Thursday which would probably close even the Federal Government, the last bastion of work ethic, so we knew we weren't coming back the next day.  I poked my head into a birthday celebration to say goodby and said, "Happy Birthday, Birthday Person.  The rest of you, I AM NEVER GOING TO SEE YOU AGAIN."

Yesterday we got between four and eight inches, depending on which fish story you believe. So, yeah, I gotz alotta snow pictures.