Meant to do this earlier, but this month has been extremely busy. Here's a round up of our Halloween festivities. Minutiae style.

Pumpkin carving goes much faster with power tools.

Here's a roundup of the pumpkins that got completed that night.  Minus the Elsa pumpkin, which I never got a picture of due to it's labor intensive, three day, production schedule.

My pumpkin needs to be seen in the light for its proper effect.

Someone does a nice impersonation of a pumpkin.

 In all its forms.

Our costumes have really very little to do with each other.

But the phase "You killed my father, prepare to die" works for both.

This is Glinda.  No, not the one from the Wizard of Oz.  This Glinda. It was difficult explaining this to neighbors giving out candy.


This one went as RapunzelWitchCatWomanWithASpiderTattooOnHerFace.  It's high concept.

This game was followed by Halloween Pictionary.  We grown men and women really know how to party.


Halloween was a month long celebration at the Renaissance Fair.