There are a few, very specific things I love about Idaho.  I love the beautiful scenery and vistas.  I love looking out over acres and acres of farmland and watching crops grow.  I love bringing home a tumbleweed and using it as a Christmas tree*, and I love that as you're driving down the highway and get stopped in a traffic jam in a tiny town, and you're wondering if there was an accident, a huge wreck, maybe even a fatality, based on how long you've been sitting at a dead-stop on the Interstate, that when you get to the source of all the angst, it turns out it was just time to move the sheep.   

*the last time I made a trip out there, I mailed a tumbleweed home to myself for that purpose - try explaining that to the UPS Store lady.  I wanted to do it again this year, but I had already spent a boatload of money and I couldn't justify $50 in packing and shipping fees to mail myself a shrubbery... and a dead shrubbery at that.