I took this picture of the floor of the Washington Monument several weeks ago. I know you're all, "The FLOOR?" and I'm all, "I KNOW!" and then we're all "sigh."

Excuse me, lapsed into 80s-teen-speak there for a bit. This might be a good time to apologize publicly to my parents.... sorry you had to live through that, folks.

Whenever I go into an old or historic building I'm obsessed with two things: the doorknobs and the floor. I can't help but think of all the hands, connected to all the people, connected to all the stories of those who touched those doorknobs or walked those floors. In my mind's eye, I see ghosts treading those paths before me like in one of those old tymey traffic movies where everyone moves just a little bit too fast.

In a related story: I'm probably going to need one of those brain-stapling procedures for compulsive thinkers.