It's National Blog Posting Month... or my favorite acronym to mess with: NaBloPoMo.

The rules of NaBloPoMo are simple: post at least once every day for the entire month of November or feel like a sad, pathetic failure who should only aspire to a career holding the Slow sign by the side of the road and crawl into a hole, never to show your face on the interweb again. Or maybe I misinterpreted the intent. Anyway, I've participated in this for the last three years running and I feel I can't break stride now.

If you can't tell by the veritable plethora of posts the last few months, it's not been all that difficult for me to post something every day. When I started this blog I never intended to be one of those "post every day" kind of people. In fact, I'm not. What I am is a "get a whole bunch of ideas in one day" kind of people and a "better put them in the drafts folder before I forget them because I didn't write them down" kind of people, then later a "post-schedule them all because I feel weird publishing nine posts in one day" kind of people. Posting something well thought out, meaningful, insightful or useful to anyone else reading it, might be a little more of a challenge, but that just seems HARD. So instead, my twist on NaBloPoMo this year is that I will post one photograph for each day of November - if I write something, bonus, but the photos are a must. Oh, and no snapshots; this has to be a photograph I might be willing to submit to a show or use in a graphic design project. I really want to move my photography skillz to the next level and short of buying a really good camera which costs a couple grand, this seems like a reasonable (and cheaper) alternative to make me at least try to become a better photographer.

By way of excuse, for whatever reason, the resolution of photographs on this blog is a bit funky. Sometimes I take what I think is a beautiful, crisp photo which looks like a treasure on my laptop screen, then I upload it to the blog all proud of myself and I look at my web page only to find that it looks pretty darn ho hum. I have never been able to find a way around this and lack the motivation to inquire, but if you click on most of the photographs, they have been uploaded in a higher resolution and will open in a screen by themselves. When I do this, I generally feel a little less bad about how they look. If you care, you can try too.

So here's my first photo of the month - let's call it A Tribute to Autumn.